The Teqneeq Program

Access & Opportunity


The collective program offered to all members allows for anyone to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



Student Athletic Program

Minors 14-17 years old are able to obtain a membership with a parent or guardian who is a member. Giving access to a large variety of functional training equipment, kids can improve their athleticism and enjoy a top-tier facility.



To ensure that all members are considerate of one another and accountable, we enforce our own Facility Etiquette. This has contributed to the creation of a community and an inviting, comfortable environment that is different than any other gym.


Complimentary Classes

The complimentary classes are the best method on the market today to help you maximize the results you’ll receive from the time and energy you invest in your health. Click here for the schedule



Personal Trainers have a huge opportunity at Teqneeq. The trainer and their client simply have their own memberships and they can work directly together, without any involvement of the facility. It’s that simple!



No one else in this world is more invested in your results than you are.